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4x6 Bumper Stickers - Digital

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Bumper Stickers print on the front of white vinyl. Their adhesive backing affixes Bumper Stickers to car bumpers and a wide variety of other creative locations. With tons of sizes, they are a fun, creative way to attract attention to your brand or message. They tend to stick around.

Turnaround 7 Business Days


Bumper Stickers come in a wide variety of standard sizes to accommodate popular looks and uses. Some of the most common sizes used on car bumpers are 10" x 3" and 8.5" x 3.5". They always print full color on the front (4/0) on 4 mil White Vinyl Matte label stock with no coating.

Marketing Tips

Whether declaring that your child is on the honor roll, sharing a clever pun, or promoting a political candidate, Bumper Stickers are not just for bumpers anymore. You see them everywhere, from cars to signs and skateboards. A clever sticker can be sold to customers or you can include them with sales, in shipments, to acknowledge a contribution, or as handouts. Think about how many Bumper Stickers you see on your commute or a trip to the supermarket. Bumper Stickers are a great way to get your message seen by a broad audience.