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0.02 Styrene Boards - 1 side

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Much like PVC signs,  Styrene offers a good mix of durability, value for money and print quality, with the added bonus of a smooth surface finish. In order to provide the best quality product, these are printed on White PVC Film Sticker and then mounted on to the Styrene to offer a clearer and more durable option.

Our custom  prints can be placed outdoors and could withstand harsh weather conditions, including water, where most other prints would fade or even become unreadable.

This material is a lightweight yet rigid and durable, basically expanded PVC, which is great for indoor use as well.

The graphics are printed on to  a vinyl sticker and then mounted onto the styrene to provide the best graphic available. Styrene printing is ideal for multiple applications including trade show displays, business signs, real estate signs, and many other uses.

Option available - Grommets & Rounded Corners :

  • No Grommets
  • Top Corner Grommets
  • Bottom Corner Grommets
  • All Corner Grommets
  • No Rounded Corners
  • 1/2" Rounded Corners

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